Super Foods Will Make You Super

It’s probably not possible to make this any easier for people to figure out. The scientists named a category of foods “Super Foods.” Think of super foods as the food equivalent of super heroes. They fight bad guys, they promote a fit and healthy lifestyle and most importantly they look great in a cape. Seriously, have you ever seen caped salmon? It’s a truly charming sight.

So what super foods belong in your healthy diet moving forward? The answer is: As many as you can fit. We’ll discuss a few of the most super contenders to get you started. Pop your collar and plop some collared greens down on your plate. They’re loaded with toxin-fighting vitamin A, zeaxanthin and lutein, all great for eyesight. Eating enough collared greens won’t likely get you x-ray vision, but it can improve the mere mortal vision you’re working with today.

Go with grapes if you want to feel great and live forever. Resveratrol is the secret super ingredient found in grapes, wine and certain other foods like dark chocolate that can actually reverse the aging process on certain parts of the human body. Be careful not to overdo it with grapes and cause a sugar overload. What kind of superheroes would crash from a sugar high trying to save the day?

Catch the wild fish that swims up stream to tap into the mighty powers of the salmon. Two servings of salmon weekly will leave your body feeling rejuvenated in so many ways. Rich in many essential B vitamins and loaded with all-powerful omega-3 fatty acids, these super fish will help your heart and brain functions stay supercharged.

Learning about super-foods gives a whole new meaning to the phrase, “you are what you eat.”

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